Data Muxer

Data Muxer is a tool for interleaving (“muxing”) separate streams of data based on time. For example, readings taking asynchronously must be aligned – that is, assigned common bins in time – before they can be plotted against each other.

API reference


DataMuxer() This class provides a wrapper layer of signals and slots around a pandas DataFrame to make plugging stuff in for live view easier.
DataMuxer.bin_by_edges(bin_edges, bin_anchors) Return data resampled into bins with the specified edges.
DataMuxer.bin_on(source_name[, ...]) Return data resampled to align with the data from a particular source.
DataMuxer.from_events(events[, verbose]) Create a DataMuxer from a list of Events.
DataMuxer.to_sparse_dataframe([...]) Obtain all measurements in a DataFrame, one row per Event time.
ColSpec Named-tuple sub-class to validate the column specifications for the


dataframe_to_dict(df) Turn a DataFrame into a dict of lists.


BinningError An exception to raise if there are insufficient sampling rules to upsampling or downsample a data column into specified bins.
BadDownsamplerError An exception to raise if a downsampler produces unexpected output.