Connection with Archiver Appliance

The Archiver Appliance is an EPICS logging system developed in a collaboration of SLAC, BNL, and MSU for collecting and storing measurements from various control devices. Data retrieval is based on the client-server interface using HTTP requests. Large-scale accelerators and experimental facilities may maintain multiple archivers. Within the databroker application, each archiver is represented by an ArchiverEventSource that needs to be configured and registred with the Broker. The following sections highlight two major topics: ArchiverEventSource configuration and data retrival based on the databroker interface.


ArchiverEventSources is configured via Broker by extending the databroker configuration file with a list of archiver entries. For example, the following cxs_with_archiver.yml file illustrates the configuration of two ArchiverEventSources, arch_csx and arch_acc:

- config:
     name: 'arch_acc'
     url: 'http://arcapp01.cs.nsls2.local:17668'
     timezone: 'US/Eastern'
       pv2: 'UT:SB1-Cu:1{}T:Prmry-I'
  module: 'databroker.eventsource.archiver'
  class: 'ArchiverEventSource'
- config:
    name: 'arch_csx'
    url: 'http://xf23id-ca.cs.nsls2.local:17668'
    timezone: 'US/Eastern'
  module: 'databroker.eventsource.archiver'
  class: 'ArchiverEventSource'

According to this file, each ArchiverEventSource is defined with four configuration key-value pairs :

  • name: user-defined name of the Archiver Appliance archiver

  • url: address of the Archiver Appliance Retrieval server

  • timezone: time zone

  • pvs: dictionary mapping user-defined names to EPICS PVs

A pvs dictionary can be extended via Broker as:

db = Broker.named('csx_with_archivers')
arch_csx  = db.event_sources_by_name['arch_csx']
arch_csx.pvs.update({'pv1': 'XF:23ID-ID{BPM}Val:PosXS-I'})

Data Retrieval

After integrating ArchiverEventSources with Broker, PV data can be retrieved with the standard Header.table() method:

# select header
hdr = db[69209]

stream_name = 'pv1'
df = hdr.table(stream_name=stream_name)