These Python classes make it easy to run IOCs that have the record and field layout and linking of common EPICS database records. The source code of these “records” was auto-generated from a reference implementation available here.

Please note that none of the classes listed here implement the full functionality of the corresponding record, but make available over Channel Access all of the fields one would normally expect from that record.

See the Records example for usage.


Register a record type to be used with pvproperty mock_record

RecordFieldGroup(prefix, **kw)

AiFields(prefix, **kw)

AsubFields(prefix, **kw)

AaiFields(prefix, **kw)

AaoFields(prefix, **kw)

AoFields(prefix, **kw)

AsynFields(prefix, **kw)

BiFields(prefix, **kw)

BoFields(prefix, **kw)

CalcFields(prefix, **kw)

CalcoutFields(prefix, **kw)

CompressFields(prefix, **kw)

DfanoutFields(prefix, **kw)

EventFields(prefix, **kw)

FanoutFields(prefix, **kw)

HistogramFields(prefix, **kw)

LonginFields(prefix, **kw)

LongoutFields(prefix, **kw)

MbbiFields(prefix, **kw)

MbbidirectFields(prefix, **kw)

MbboFields(prefix, **kw)

MbbodirectFields(prefix, **kw)

MotorFields(prefix, **kw)

PermissiveFields(prefix, **kw)

SelFields(prefix, **kw)

SeqFields(prefix, **kw)

StateFields(prefix, **kw)

StringinFields(prefix, **kw)

StringoutFields(prefix, **kw)

SubFields(prefix, **kw)

SubarrayFields(prefix, **kw)

WaveformFields(prefix, **kw)

Int64inFields(prefix, **kw)

Int64outFields(prefix, **kw)

LsiFields(prefix, **kw)

LsoFields(prefix, **kw)

PrintfFields(prefix, **kw)


Summarize all supported records and their fields