About PyXRF

PyXRF is a python-based sophisticated fluorescence analysis package for fitting and visualizing X-ray fluorescence data. This package contains a high-level fitting engine, comprehensive command-line/GUI design, rigorous physics calculation and a powerful visualization interface. The theoretical part of PyXRF is based on MAPS, developed by Stefan Vogt at APS. PyXRF offers some of the unique features as follows.

  • Automatic elements finding: Users do not need to spend extra time selecting elements manually.

  • Forward calculation: Users can observe the spectrum from forward calculation at real time while adjusting input parameters. This will help users perform sensitivity analysis, and find an appropriate initial guess for fitting.

  • Construct your own fitting algorithm: An advanced mode was created for advanced users to construct their own fitting strategies with a full control of each fitting parameter.

  • Batch mode: Users can easily perform quick fitting of multiple fluorescence datasets or XANES datasets.

  • Interface with NSLS-II database: A specific I/O interface was designed to obtain data directly from BNL/NSLS-II experimental database.

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